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Broken: Tax accountant Peter Lanza, left, is finding it 'impossible' to deal with the mixture of guilt, grief and confusion that has overcome him since his son, Adam, rht, shot dead his mother and 26 at Sandy Hook She also revealed how the family have been left 'stmatized' by the Lanza name with children enduring taunts at school and knowing looks every time they use their debit cards - even though many live hundreds of miles away from where the atrocity took place in Newtown, Connecticut.

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Shaken to the core: A family member told Mail Online the Lanza family has been decimated during the last year.

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She found a disturbing number of drawings, mostly of guns, and 'normal teenage boy crap' stashed underneath Adam's nhtstand.

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However, other sketches were gruesome depictions of death and images of mutilated corpses.

Prom night hook up stories:

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